project interim | redefining how vacant land can support community revitalization

Our Mission

To Activate Vacant Land in Support of Community Development and Economic Growth through Temporary "Pop-up“ Installations

Having witnessed our beloved city's struggles firsthand, Project Interim has emerged to transform unused land that can be prone to issues such as crime, graffiti and homelessness, into vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces. These areas will highlight local food and drink, culture, and art during the interim period before construction, all in support of the city we love.

All activations are completed without permanent construction or significant alterations to a site, by using recycled shipping containers and other temporary design elements that can be relocated within 30 days.

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Pioneering Social Change - One Vacant Lot at a Time

Driven by over a decade living in the downtown city core, our goal is to create vibrant spaces that not only enhance the community but also bridge divides, fostering positive change in every corner of Seattle. Vacant land has become an increasing problem across many neighborhoods due to rising real estate costs, delayed development timelines, and economic fluctuations that detracts from community and economic growth. This problem is compounded in underserved communities, where Idle land and dilapidated buildings can create dead zones that pose increased health risks, environmental harm, social isolation, mental health issues, and opportunities for illegal activity.

Inspired by successful examples of installations worldwide, Project Interim will drive significant, systemic and social change across both established and underserved neighborhoods.  Our aim is to redirect profits from initial projects towards uplifting disadvantaged communities, creating spaces to engage at-risk children and youth, and creating opportunities that ignite passions in arts, culture, science, sports and beyond.

Our Journey is Organized into Two Pivotal Phases Forming a Flywheel of Social Change

Community and Economic Activation

We unite communities and boost the local economy by establishing vibrant social spaces, with elements that can include access to retail storefronts for SMBs and aspiring entrepreneurs, space to accommodate food trucks,  and beer or wine gardens. This approach promotes community cohesion and economic growth simultaneously. 

Support for Disadvantaged Communities

Our for-profit activations will enable us to fund the creation of sites and programming for overlooked and disadvantaged neighborhoods. Creating inclusive, and vibrant spaces will breathe new life into disadvantaged neighborhoods, powered by educational and enriching programming.